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Sweet Madness, Next Exit, One Way Ticket 1981-82

We are pleased to announce the release of songs by post-Sweet Madness band Next Exit.
As they developed a new sound, much of their early live and recorded material was Sweet Madness songs.
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to hear the music!

Sweet Madness, KEXP, Brian Foss, Northwest, new wave
Sweet Madness was honored and humbled to be given a full set of five songs on the
KEXP New Year's Eve northwest Audioasis new wave show hosted by Brian Foss.
The show ended with their later incarnation Variant Cause
performing a Sweet Madness song: Are You Domesticated?
Thank you KEXP for playing Sweet Madness songs.

Sweet Madness, Next Exit, 1981, spokane punk scene, new wave
In 1981 Sweet Madness made plans to leave Spokane and move to Seattle.
Lead guitarist Greg Morlan had been playing in regional bands since he was 16,
and he joined to replace keyboardist John Robison.

While Sweet Madness continued playing their last gigs, the new lineup rehearsed
a new more guitar-oriented sound. With the English ska band Madness breaking out,
Sweet Madness decided to combine the Seattle move with a name change
to Next Exit (out of Spokane).

Sweet Madness, Next Exit, Starlite Drive-In, spokane punk scene, new wave
Next Exit performed their first gig with the new name at a Drive-In Movie theater
where they played on the roof of the concession stand.

Sweet Madness, Sonic Trash Radio, KYRS Sweet Madness, Sonic Trash Radio, KYRS

Sweet Madness gives a shout out and a thank you to Sonic Trash Radio
on KYRS in Spokane for playing Sweet Madness. Check out Sonic Trash
on Tuesday nights from 8 to 10 pm on KYRS 88.1/92.3 FM or download off their site.

Sweet Madness, Spokanarchy movie, spokane punk scene Sweet Madness, Spokanarchy movie, spokane punk scene

Sweet Madness and the movie SpokAnarchy get written up
and reviewed in "Exile in Hicksville."
Thank you Tony Kay!
to read the article!

Sweet Madness, Big Takover Magazine

Sweet Madness is featured in the Fall 2017 issue of Big Takeover on newstands now!
Thank you Paul V. Regelbrugge and Jack Rabid.

Sweet Madness, Ameoba Music, Record Store, San Francisco, photo by Clayton Wood

Sweet Madness Volume 2 in great company
sitting in the rack of San Francisco's Amoeba Music.
to read more about Ameoba Music Record Store!
Thank you Clayton Wood for the photo.

Sweet Madness review, post-punk, new wave, power pop


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