Sweet Madness Posters

Sweet Madness - Brave New Music

Sweet Madness - Invasion of Privacy

Sweet Madness at Bojangles Tavern

KREM No Wave Event with Sweet Madness

Sweet Madness Cold Wave Concert & Stereo Sale

Sweet Madness performed outside in the parking lot of a stereo store on Division Street.
This "Cold Wave Concert" turned out to be -7 degree weather so the boys played with gloves on.
Halfway into the show, the soundboard froze up and had to be taken inside
and thawed out with a hair dryer.

Sweet Madness and Teenage Neus

Sweet Madness and Teenage Neus

Sweet Madness - Back from the Dead

KREM presents the Heats with Sweet Madness

Sweet Madness Tour Poster

Sweet Madness plays Seattle 1980.

Sweet Madness - Day One Release Party

"Uhh, Rickio, the poster looks great, but what about having the
band name 'Sweet Madness' on the poster?"
"Everybody knows the name of the band, don't worry about it. Why be obvious?"

Sweet Madness at Elk's Tavern

Moscow, Idaho had something that Spokane did not which was a great college radio station: KUOI.
And KUOI played Sweet Madness tapes.
The Elk's Lodge had a large upstairs ballroom with a stage and great black-and-white deco bathrooms.
Sweet Madness had to haul their gear up two flights of the fire escape but it was well worth it!

New Wave Festival 1980

Moscow, Idaho on Friday and Missoula, Montana on Saturday. The college festival featured a band from Seattle: the Heats; a band from Spokane: Sweet Madness; and a band from Missoula: the Time.
It was a great gig, but coming back over Montana's Fourth of July Pass,
the truck hit black ice and nearly went over a cliff.
How close was it? . . . . . . . . . very close!
Saved by a tall snow bank.

Sweet Madness Sweet Madness PP-KU Spokane Armory

Sweet Madness - Inside Your Home KREM TV

Sweet Madness Food Bank Benefit

Sweet Madness Ultradance at Gonzaga

Sweet Madness - As Seen on TV!

Spokane Looks to the 80s

Sweet Madness - Gonzaga Gog Feet Dance

Sweet Madness - KZAG Shuttle Dance Gonzaga U

Last Sweet Madness Show

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